Airbnb Coupon Code - Get A $20 OFF!

The discount is available for July 2024.

Visit Airbnb to claim your exclusive $20 bonus (available in the USA)!

Get $20 Off Your Booking

Airbnb coupon codes provide an excellent opportunity to save on bookings, offering a $20 discount in the USA for all reservations made through the app with a specific code. While these savings are confirmed for the U.S., the availability of similar discounts in Europe/UK remains uncertain. Travelers are encouraged to stay informed about potential offers.

How to Use Your Airbnb Coupon Code (Step-By-Step Guide):

Want to save some cash on your next Airbnb trip? Just follow these easy steps:

Adding a Discount to Your Account:

  1. Head to your Profile and hit Account.
  2. Click Payments & payouts then Add coupon.
  3. Type in your discount code and press Redeem coupon to add it.

Using Your Discount When You Book:

  1. At checkout, hit Enter a coupon.
  2. Pick the discount you want to use and click Apply.

Rules for Using Airbnb Discount Codes

Stuff You Gotta Know:

  • Can’t Use After Booking: Once you’ve booked, you can’t add a discount code. Even if you ask Airbnb for help, they can’t add or bring back an old discount for a booking you’ve already made or finished.
  • No Money Back on Discounts: If you cancel your stay, you won’t get the discount back. How much money you get back depends on the host’s cancellation rules, and you can’t get that discount to use later.
  • Discounts Expire and Can’t Be Extended: When a discount code’s time is up, it’s up. You can’t make it last longer or get a new one to replace it. You also can’t use expired discounts for bookings you’ve already made.
  • One Discount Per Booking: You can only use one discount per booking. No stacking up discounts.

So, make sure you use your Airbnb discount code the right way to save on your stay, and remember these rules to avoid any surprises.


Is there available coupon for first-time users in Europe?

 Yes, first-time users in Europe can access a special coupon, offering significant savings on their first booking. This introductory offer aims to enhance the initial experience for new users.

How do I get a coupon?

You can obtain a coupon by checking online for current, valid deals or by

utilizing referral programs. Sharing a personal referral link with friends and

family can reward you with a coupon once they make a booking.

How do I use a coupon?

To use a coupon, choose your desired rental or experience and enter the coupon

code at checkout. For additional savings, referrals can provide credits towards

future bookings, maximizing your discount opportunities.